• Mrs. Nowery

    6th Grade Math Instructor

    Osceola Middle School

    MCPS Online & FACE to FACE


    Dear Parents & Students:

    Welcome to Mrs. Nowery's website. I hope that I can ease your mind by having good and clear instructions and communication. :)

    I know that these are difficult times and I want to be able to work together in a supportive and cohesive manner.  Feel free to reach out when you have concerns or questions.



     The following steps will help your child to get onto their Microsoft Teams Class.

            1.  Students log into their portal and go to their desktop

            2.  Students click on the Microsoft Office 365 Icon

            3.  Students click on Microsoft Teams Icon

            4.  Students click on the Microsoft Teams for Math

            5.  Once they are in the Math Microsoft Teams, they will go to their General Section and see FILES.  For their DAILY ASSIGNMENTS, they will have to go to DAILY AGENDA in the 

                 FILES tab.  Most of their homework will be assigned online.  Please read the steps below as to how to get into their e-textbook.

            6.  If I give them an assignment outside of their e-textbook or workbook then I will post the document under ASSIGNMENTS so that the document can be completed and turned into    their Microsoft Team Class.

    Mrs. Nowery




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