• Due date for the fourth quarter Timesheet and Employee Evaluation is Monday May 17. 

    It should be filled out through the dates of 5/14. Your supervisor MUST sign it.

    You must make sure the information on the Timesheet is complete and correct, as grades go into Skyward the following week and there will be limited time for corrections on your part. 

    A reminder that Timesheets are documents that are audited by the D.O.E. and must be signed by your supervisor to be valid.


    First things first.  You have to have a job to remain in the course. 



    There are four papers required to remain in the OJT program. These papers must be turned in to me by 9/8/2020 or two weeks after enrolling. All must be correctly filled out and signed.

    • The student/parent agreement
    • The student/employer agreement
    • The student training plan worksheet
    • The OJT syllabus


    Student Parent Agreement

    Student Employer Agreement

    Student Training Plan



    The student is also required to turn in their work schedules (see the form) to prove that they are working the hours needed. These work schedules are to be turned in every Friday to me. 


    TimeSheet 20-21:


    Download and fill in the information at the top of the sheet.  It will count as 50% of your nine weeks grade. I stronly suggest that type in your work hours for each day and allow Excel to add your total hours for you.  The total must be correct.


    Fill in the times you worked throughout the 9 weeks.
    You must type the times correctly - excel is picky about how the data is entered. If you need to enter 3pm for example, you cannot put "3pm" or even " 3:00pm" (note the wrong spaces, before the 3 and none between 0 and p). It must be entered as "3:00 pm" If the data is not entered correctly, you will get a VALUE! error code.


    Enter all times you worked and the sheet will autocalculate all hours worked.


    At the bottom, make sure the business name and phone number is typed.


    Print this sheet, take it to your employer, have your manager/boss write their name and sign the sheet.


    IF THE TIMESHEET IS NOT SIGNED it will receive no credit.  All work is ten points off each school day it is late up to 50 points. 


    Turn in the 9 week time card and the Employer Evaluation by the given due dates.


    Reminders will be sent out using the Remind app and student emails only.  Personal emails will not be used for OJT.



    You receive at least two weekly grades.  Signing in each day and a weekly work schedule.
    1. Signing in each day. 
        Students that you are on campus must sign in/out as part of your grade.  Please be sure to show Ms. Perez your OJT ID as you enter or leave school.
     Online students need to contact me each day for your weekly sign in grade.
    2. Weekly work schedule
    Your weekly schedule is due on Friday.  After Friday it is late and a loss of ten point each day it is late up to 50 points. 
    3.  Timesheet/Card. 
    The Timesheet is due at the end of each nine weeks.  I will provide you a specific due date for each nine weeks.   This must be filled out and signed by your supervisor to verify all your work hours over a period of time. This is 50% of your grade as the Time Sheet/Card is used to prove your work hours so you can receive credit for the course. 
    For each OJT class a student is enrolled in a minimum of five hours per week of work is required.
    4. Employee Evaluation
    At the end of each nine weeks your supervisor will fill out the Employee Evaluation form. This is also averaged into your grades.


    Class name:    West Port High Florida OJT

    Class code:      wphsojt


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