Liberal Arts Math Course Syllabus

    Instructor     Patrick Foy                                              Phone           (352) 671-4820 ext. 58845

    Classroom    4-105                                                       E-mail             john.foy@marion.k12.fl.u

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    I will try my best to be available before school for a brief meeting to address any concerns.



    Text: Liberal Arts Mathematics: A Florida Course                  


    Liberal Arts Mathematics: A Florida Course is intended to build upon previous mathematics courses. It will bring about a deeper understanding of various mathematical relationships to benefit students through the comprehension of mathematical literacy in the real world, show the connection among algebra, geometry, and statistics, and simultaneously help them build a strong foundation for future study in mathematics. This course will meet all the state requirements which include the benchmarks for the New Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) for Liberal Arts Math (LAM). A major goal of participating in this course is, ultimately, to pass the Algebra 1 End of Course Exam, which is a requirement for graduating high school. 

    The PERT test is being phased out at LWHS, and so only seniors may take and pass this test as an alternative to the graduation requirement of passing the Algebra 1 End of Course Exam.


    Goals: Students will:

    • develop mathematical intuition and a relevant base of mathematical knowledge
    • gain experiences that connect classroom learning with real-world applications
    • develop a positive attitude about learning and using mathematics
    • build techniques of reasoning for effective problem solving
    • learn to apply, display, and communicate knowledge                


    Sorry to address to the rules first, but they are of utmost importance.

    As per the school Discipline Department rules:

    • DO NOT ENTER MY ROOM WITH EAR BUDS IN YOUR EARS. This will result in the same process of resolution as the tardy process, with a referral being issued on the fourth and every following incidence.
    • The first three instances of being tardy without a valid excuse will be a verbal warning, a written warning, a phone call home from me, and then, on the fourth and for each following tardy, the student will be issued a written referral. I am quite reasonable and if you believe you have an issue preventing you from being to class BEFORE the bell, talk to me and I will send you to someone who may help you.
    • Phones are to be put away BEFORE you enter through the doorway.
    • I WILL allow you to plug in your phone to charge, but ONLY if you do this before the second bell rings. There will be no bargaining or debate about that.                                                                                                                                                              




    A thin three ring binder or a duo tang folder with the three prongs inside

    Pencils/ pens

    Lined notebook paper

    Ti-30Xa calculator (< $10 at Walmart)NOT your phone           


    Liberal Arts Mathematics: A Florida Course

    Supplemental resources as necessary



    Homework – 10%

    Tests – 50%

    Classwork/ quizzes –40%

    County-wide grade scale (%):

    A   90 - 100

    B   80 - 89

    C   70 - 79

    D   60 - 69

    F   59 – below