Algebra 2 Honors

  • Algebra 2 Honors



    Classroom Codes

    Period 1:  kh3wdth

    Period 4:  z6cfeyg

    Period 5:  yhqyq73

    Period 6:  p5fws6w


    KHAN ACADEMY will be the primary source for homework assignments.  We will occasionally complete classwork using this site also.  This site contains a great deal of resources to help you be successful in Algebra 2 Honors.

    Class Codes

    Period 1:  VVFG76CJ  

    Period 4:  VUWPMXAY

    Period 5:  EMJ2PUJW

    Period 6:  UAYBY46G



    Remind is a texting service you can use to quickly contact me if you prefer to communicate on a mobile device rather than email.

    Download the app for more functionality or text the code below 81010

    Periods 1,5,6:  @wphsa2h

    Period 4:  @wphsa2ho