• SYLLABUS for Math for College Readiness


    West Port High School
    3733 SW 80th Ave
    Ocala, FL 34481

    Math for College Readiness

    Instructor:  Mr. John Nathan
    E-Mail:  john.nathan@marion.k12.fl.us

    Phone: 352-291-4000 ext. 56634

    Office Hours:   Morning: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday – 8:30a.m. – 9:12a.m.     

     ALPHA TIME: Monday – Wednesday – 12:24 – 12:49 &  Thursday/Friday 12:59-1:24

    After School: 3:40p.m. – 4:00 p.m.    

    Course Goals:

    This course presents algebraic skills that will be used in an entry-level college course (MAC 1105, Intermediate Algebra). Topics include linear equations and inequalities in two variables and their graphs, systems of equations and inequalities, introduction to functions, factoring, algebraic fractions, rational equations, radicals and rational exponents, complex numbers, quadratic equations, scientific notation, applications of the above topics and the communication of mathematics. Applications emphasizing connections with disciplines and the real world will be included.

    Tools for Success*:

                The following items are needed for the student to be successful in this class:

                            *2 College Ruled Composition Books (one for each semester for class notes and classwork/homework)           

                            *Pens/Pencils  (blue or black ink ONLY)

                            *College-Ruled Paper (enough for two pieces per week for an entire school year)                         


    Scientific calculator- A graphing calculator is preferred- TI 83+ or higher-but ANY calculator with SIN, COS, TAN buttons will be sufficient. To “encourage” students to know math operations, we will NOT use calculators in the beginning of this course. We will, however, use them after the students have proven that they can perform basic operations without a calculator.

                                        *Bring all materials to class everyday


                Students should have two college ruled composition books dedicated specifically for math class. Notes and homework should be kept in this notebook. (One for each semester) Pages from this book should NOT be torn out. EVER!!




                I will give an assignment EVERY DAY! Usually, it will be in the textbook and, if not completed in class, should be finished for homework. However, I do assign work (worksheets, projects, tests, quizzes) that is SPECIFICALLY for class. This must be finished in class. If the student does not finish it that day, they can come before school (8:15am), after school (until 4:00pm), or during my office hours in ALPHA Time. Textbook pages and worksheets that I give the students are the ONLY work that can be done at home.

    Cell Phone use

                My cell phone policy is very simple. Cell phones must be turned off before class starts (this will save your battery) I must NEVER see it or hear it. No ringing, videos, music, etc. Headphones, earphones, ear plugs and ear buds must be put away before class starts. Because music is not permitted on the SAT/ACT test, I do not allow it in class. Students need to get used to silence when doing work and taking tests. In addition, a cell phone is NOT a calculator… EVER! When I do allow calculators, do not plan to use your cell phone as your calculator on tests or quizzes.


                MOST IMPORTANT, if a student is found to be using his/her cell phone camera (photo or video), then that student will be referred to the dean or the assistant principal, and of course your parents will be called.



                Your notebook should be used to keep up with the lessons each day, and to do the daily. Your notebook is YOURS, and should be kept up-to-date for YOUR benefit.


                It is expected that all students of West Port High School will abide by the 4 P’s:  Prompt, Prepared, Polite, and Productive.

    Policies and Procedures

    • Restroom: Students should use the restroom between classes to avoid missing valuable instructional time.  In the event of an emergency, students should NOT get up during instruction, as this is a distraction to other students.  The student should wait until everyone is working, see that the pass is available, and sign out (taking the bathroom pass) before leaving the room.  Per school policy, only one student is permitted to leave the room at a time. Therefore, if the bathroom pass is not in the classroom, the student must wait!
    • Dismissal: The bell does not dismiss the students; the teacher does (That’s me).  The bell is simply a reminder that time has expired.
    • Absences/make-up work: Students should not be absent from school. While this course is technically a review of Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, the course is fast-paced and critical instruction time will be missed when a student is absent. However, in the event of an absence (even excused), students are responsible for making up ALL work.  Students may check the website or the Assignment Planner in the classroom for missing assignments/notes. For excused absences, student must make-up the missed assignment within three (3) class periods for full credit. If a student misses multiple days then the teacher and student will negotiate the make-up schedule. If a student misses a quiz or test, it is his/her responsibility to fill out a Redo Form and schedule a time during NON-CLASS time (BS, AS, or during ALPHA time) to make up the assessment.  Students will be in danger of receiving a zero on any assignment (including tests, quizzes and projects) if the absences cannot be verified as excused.
    • Tardies: If a student is late, he/she should enter quietly and take his/her seat.  Do not distract other classmates, as class has already begun and my time has started.  Per school policy, tardy penalties will proceed as follows:
      1. First tardy – the teacher will remind the student of the importance of being to class on time and layout the expectations.
      2. Second tardy –Parent Contact.
      3. Third tardy-- The teacher will assign ALPHA time detention. If the student does not report to the assigned detention, the teacher will submit a discipline referral for failure to comply with school rules.  *See page 2 of student handbook*
      4. Fourth tardy (and every one thereafter)—Discipline Referral
    • Book bags: Bags and belongings not being used during class are to be placed beneath the student’s desk.


                Tests and Projects will comprise 40% of a student’s grade.

                Classwork and Quizzes will comprise 50% of a student’s grade.

                Bellwork will comprise 10% of a student’s grade.

                ALL work can be redone! The student should turn in a “Redo Request Form” with the date they want to come in to make it up. Work can ONLY be redone/made up before school, after school, and during ALPHA time!

    Cheating, Plagiarism, and Prohibitions:

    On a more serious note, cheating and plagiarism are serious things. In fact, it is a crime to plagiarize.    Students will have several opportunities to work together and to complete assignments at home (in fact, I usually encourage working together).  However, in regards to independent assignments, any forms of cheating (plagiarism, answer sheets, texting, etc.) will not be tolerated.  Any such instances will result in failure of the assignment as well as disciplinary action in accordance with Marion County Public Schools protocol (Page 2 of the student handbook).