• Textbook

    Student Log In to Carnegie Online:

    1. Go to MCPS portal, log in.
    2. Click on e-textbook tab located at the bottom  of the page.
    3.  Click on the second listing for the e-textbook Pre-Algebra (Carnegie not Pearson)
    4.  On the Mathia page click on the drop down menu and choose the textbook student full version



    Carnegie Learning Middle School Math Solution Course 3 First ...


    MATHia Pilot Package | Carnegie Learning


    Mathia is a online learning component that will be used for homework or classwork. Students would access Mathia the same way they would go in to access their textbook. There is a blue button on their dash that reads Mathia. They would click the Mathia buttom to gain access to the online platform

    MATHia Pilot Package | Carnegie Learning