• Classroom Expectations

    Be prompt!

    Be in the classroom when the bell rings.

    Enter the classroom quietly and immediately begin the bellwork activity or warm-up.

    Be prepared!

    Bring needed materials to class every day (notebook, pen, pencil, scripts, assignments, etc.)

    Cellphones off and put away unless the teacher specifically asks you to bring them out.

    Be polite!

    Demonstrate a positive attitude and respect toward others.

    When the teacher or someone else is speaking, you are not.

    Raise your hand to ask or answer a question. 

    No food or beverages at any time, except water.

    Be productive!

    Take ownership of your own learning. 

    Follow instructions the first time they are given. If you don't understand something, ask!


    Online Classroom Event Procedures

    What happens:

    Instructor’s internet goes down and the Instructor “leaves” or disappears from the meeting.

    What you do:

    1. Complete the lesson on your own or in your group.

    2. Complete assigned exercises.

    3. Update your class notebook with what you accomplished.

    4. Class is not dismissed until the end of the period.

    5. The instructor will communicate with you as soon as possible in one form or another.

    What happens:

     Student internet or connection goes down.

    What you do:

    1. Inform the instructor as soon as possible by any means possible (Google voice/text, Remind, email)

    2. Reconnect to the classroom as quickly as possible.

    3. When you do reconnect, check the time and log in to the appropriate class/period.

    4. Student is still responsible for work assigned.

Last Modified on August 20, 2020