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    This year the WP Guitar Program will be utilizing Microsoft Teams for both online and in-person instruction. Students should have already been added to the Guitar Team and then the appropriate channel for their class period/MCPSonline. If you have not already been added to the Guitar Team, please email me from your student email account and I will add you to the Team and correct channel.



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    Program Information:

    The West Port High School Guitar Program consists of three different skill levels; Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.

    In Beginning we introduce students to the basic techniques required for playing guitar as well as reading music - primarily standard notation - spending our year on acoustic guitars.

    Intermediate students work on developing advanced techniques, more in-depth music theory, and spend the majority of the year on electric guitars.

    The Advanced level is targeted at students who are interested in going into performance or college on guitar and the students spend their time working on developing repertoire and refining their techniques.

    The Guitar Program traditionally has 2 on campus performances each year for students to showcase their talents, but may also participate in performances off campus as well.

    Due to Guitars have an inherited expense, there are fees to participate in the program which are as follows:

    • $70 New Students (first year in WP Guitar Program) - $35 course/MCCA fee, $25 strings, $10 uniform costs
    • $50 Returning Students (2+ years in WP Guitar Program) ($35 course/MCCA feed, $25 strings)

    Students are also expected to have the following supplies:

    • Guitar Picks (25+) - for beginners I recommend picks be "standard" shape and .7-.8mm thick
    • Music Notation Paper 
    • Clip on Guitar Tuner
    • Metronome (physical or phone app)
Last Modified on August 20, 2020