Open House

    Open House will be on September 24, 2020, 2:30 - 5:30.  I will be conducting phone conferences.  If you would like to schedule a phone conference with me on that time, please email me with your best number and the time you would like to have the conference.  Conferences run every 15 minutes.  My email is:  Becky.Collet@marion.k12.fl.us.  My phone number is:  (352) 671. 6110 x 52495.


    Promotion Criteria

    Promotion criteria for 4th grade is as follows:

    ELA:  Level 3 or above on Florida Standards Assessment (given in May)

    Math:  Level 3 or above on Florida Standards Assessment (given in May) 

    Science and Social Studies:  A cumulative grade of C or above on the final report card



    I rarely assign homework in my class.  I want to make sure your children are understanding what is being taught, so I will frequently check for understanding throughout our day.  While I don't require writtten homework, I would strongly encourage you to set a time when your child can read at home.  Student are free to take my personal books home and read.  Reading is like any other skill - the more you practice, the better you beccome!  I want my kids to fall in love with reading, and lose themselves in a good book.  Help from parents is greatly appreciated!


    Personal Note

    Your kids are officially now my babies!  I will love them.  I will laugh with them.  I will cry with them.  I will bandage up their boo-boos.  I will be their biggest cheerleader, and when necessary, I will lovingly discipline them.  I am thrilled to be at Harbour View Elementary this year.  If you ever need to discuss school-related issues, my email is:  Becky.Collet@marion.k12.fll.us.  My phone is (352) 671.6110 x 52495.  Please do not hesitate to contact me.  Looking toward a great year!



    Flamingos Rule!


    Beginning of the year Power Point