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MCPS Online Music Distance Learning

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Microsoft Teams - MUSIC Team

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    Finding your MUSIC Team on Microsoft Teams


    Instructions to Sign-in to Microsoft Teams:

    1. Sign into your chromebook or other device.

    2. Log into your MCPS desktop.

    3. Choose the orange and white Office 365 tile and open. 

    4. Sign in with your Microsoft 365 username (email address-username@marionstudents.net) and password (portal password).

    5. Choose the purple Teams button (the button is a link and will allow you to open Teams - it will look like the above pic).


    *Please note: conversations and chats on Teams (in the "General" channel and/or in the "MCPS Online Music" channel) are not private and will be visible to every student in your grade level at Shady Hill Elementary. Be sure to talk with your student about proper “netiquette" and doing what is right.


    Click HERE for a video tutorial of Teams

Microsoft Teams - MUSIC Team Instructions

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    Music Teams Instructions -

    Music Teams Instructions

    A step-by-step guide to find your MUSIC team, as well as where your music lessons and assignments are within your Music team.

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Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide

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MCPS Online Music Important Info

  • Here are some helpful descriptions of what our Shady Hill MCPS Online Music class will look like:


    Online Music and Specials Schedule

      • MCPS Online Music for Shady Hill students will be given through the Microsoft Teams platform (see more info about your MUSIC Team below).
      • Students MUST follow the Specials schedule and calendar (find these below) to complete work and make contact with the teacher.
      • Make sure you keep up with your assignments by following the specials schedule (find this schedule below).
      • Mrs. Collins may schedule live meetings during your class time so be sure to be available.
      • Most lessons will be pre-recorded and posted weekly.
      • Our "Virtual Music" YouTube channel will house all our weekly recorded lessons. You may click the picture at the top of this page to visit it (or this link: Virtual Music)
      • You are expected to watch the lesson, interact with the assignment, and work independently.
      • You will also be turning in a music creation every few weeks (music creation due dates will be listed as an assignment).


    Virtual Music Assignments

      • Weekly music assignments will be located either with the lesson under the assignments tab at the top of your Team OR in the conversation chat of your MCPS Online Music channel.
      • Weekly music assignments are brief interactions that must be turned in on the Teams platform.
      • Music assignments should be turned in weekly (it is suggested to complete them on your scheduled music day).


    Virtual Music Creations

      • Music creations are to be worked on independently after watching the lessons located in the assignment.
      • Music creations should incorporate techniques and instruction addressed in the assignment lesson and will also incorporate aspects of the smaller assignments (the small assignments lead to one larger music creation).
      • Music creations must be videoed and turned in via a new platform that is yet to be determined. Both Teams and email will not support the size file that videos require in order to share them with me - your video assignment must be uploaded to this platform to receive a grade. I am still researching what will be the easiest platform for both of us (you and me) to use to upload your video. This platform will be linked to our Music Team and will be easily accessible.

Shady Hill Specials Schedule

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Shady Hill Specials Calendar: A-E Days

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Music Standards and Grading

  • Music is a required core subject and follows the Florida Music Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, the Marion County Public Schools Music Curriculum Guides/Curriculum Maps/Curriculum Scope and Sequence, and the National Music and Fine Arts Standards. 


    In order to receive a Meeting ("M") music academic grade, a student must exhibit a willingness to learn, sing, play, move, analyze, and create in music class (on virtual music assignments and music creations). A Meeting grade in academic music (and in virtual music assignments and music creations) indicates that the student is at the appropriate developmental level of music knowledge, as well as meeting grade level standards and expectations. A Progressing ("P") music academic grade indicates that the student is still progressing towards the appropriate developmental level and grade level standards and expectations.