• September 21st-25th

    Posted by Lauren Lamperski on 9/21/2020

         This is our 5th week of school! We are getting progress reports this Friday, 25th. Please make sure you are checking grades that are posted online. 

    Social Studies: We are learning about how people perceive different places differently. We are also working on reviewing the different types of maps people use. 

    Language Arts: We have our Demand Writing on Monday. The rest of the week, we are learning about main idea in informational piece of text. We also have new spelling words! Check them out on Dojo or my website. We are learning about word families in grammar. In writing, we are still practicing writing our five paragraphs. 

    Math: We are learning about multiplication. 

    Science: We are learning about how to accurately measure and record the mass of asolid, and the volume of a solid and a liquid. We are also brushing up on our understanding of the three states of matter and how we go from one to another. 

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  • September 7th- September 11th

    Posted by Lauren Lamperski on 9/7/2020

    book bag

         This is our third week of school! We are still focusing on getting our routines down and understanding new concepts. 

         In Social Studies, we are starting our Social Studies Weekly. We will be learning about maps and understanding how to use them. We also will continue to learn more about our classmates and what makes us special. 

         In ELA or Language Arts, we are starting a new story called, "The Open Road". We are learning about characters and traits, motivations, and feelings contribute to the story. In Writing, we are learning about developing our introduction paragraph in our five paragraph essays. 

         In Math, we are recovering rounding. We are starting our subtraction unit where we will practice different strategies to use when dealing with three-digit subtraction. 

         In Science, we are still covering the different states of matter and the ways we can compare them using the different properties of matter. We are also learning about temperature and the ways we can measure and compare them. 

    Please remember to to read for 20 minutes each night and check your planner for homework. 

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  • August 31st- September 4th

    Posted by Lauren Lamperski on 8/31/2020



    We are focusing on getting our routines down and our iReady Reading Diagnostic. 

    In Social Studies, we are still focusing on Sanford Harmony to promote diversity and inclusion. We have new buddies this week and are learning alot about our classmates. 

    In ELA or Language Arts, we are reading Alice in Wonderland. We are learning about diverse cultures and the impact this has on the stories we read. 

    In Math, we are learning different strategies to help us add using mental math. We are still brushing up on rounding to the nearest ten and hundred. 

    In Science, we are learning about classifying matter. We will be able to classify a group of objects according to their physical properties.

    Please remember to read 20 minutes each night and check your planner to see what homework you should be completing. Let's have a great week :) 

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  • August 24-28th

    Posted by Ms. Lamperski on 8/19/2020

    Back to School

         Our first week of school we will be getting back into the swing of things! We will be covering our routines, schedules, rules, and procedures. But we will also be diving into some great subject material as well. 


         In Social Studies we will be learing about inclusivity through Sanford Harmony. We will be having morning meet ups to discuss our similarities and differences that work together to make our class so unique. 


         In ELA (Language Arts), we will be reading "Alladin" and learning about other classic tales. We will be learning about the basic structure to use when writing. Practice, Practice, Practice your writing and reading to be a better student. If you need any writing prompts or reading recomendations, just ask. :) 


         In Math we will be learing about rounding to the tens and hundreds place. We will be playing some awesome rounding games using playing cards! 


         Finally, in Science we will be learning about the Scientific Method. Stemscopes is a great resource that you can use at home. We will be using our Science notebook to learn vocab and for our experiement.


         We will also be learning more about Microsoft Teams which will be my online platform. If you haven't already, watch the district wide video to learn more about how it works. The link is under my "Important Links" page.  

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