Thursday, August 20th at 6:30 pm 

    I am asking all of my parents to log on to their child's Marion County desktop.

        Go online to the Marion County Public School webpage


        Click on the desktop icon

        Use your child's login info to access his/her personal desktop. This is the same information you used last year! Let me know if you don't have it.

       Click the Office 365 icon to open365


        Click on the Teams iconTeams

        Wait for call at 

        When the computer rings, click the green answer phone icon.

        You should see and hear me on the screen!!!

    I will be "calling" all of you on your child's desktop!

    When you hear the ring, answer it and it should show me on the screen. This is how your child will access LIVE online sessions.  

    This will be very brief.  I want to be sure that we all have sound and audio.

    Hopefully this will help  get us ready to start on Monday the 24th!!!

    If you are unavailable on the 20th, please let me know!

    I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!



    Google Classroom Link: