Meet the Teacher

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    Hello. My name is John Nathan, and I will be teaching Math for College Readiness. I love math, especially numbers, and I hope in some way to inspire my students to see the value of numbers and their place in our lives. 

    I was born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, but I came to Florida to attend college. I earned my bachelors degree from the University of Miami and my masters degree from Florida International University. Once our sons moved out of the house, my wife and I moved to Ocala, and yes – we did tell the boys we moved. 

    I want my students to know that I am both approachable and accessible. When students have questions or need assistance, I will be there for them. In my space there is no room for judgement. My email is and my school telephone extension is 56634. Contact me anytime. 

    Now let’s get to work!! Have a great and wonderful school year.