What to Expect

  • Arrival

    • Students will enter the art studio and will sanitize their hands on the way to their assigned seats
    • Students should wear their masks to art class
    • Students may bring their own art supplies (these should be seperate art supplies from the supplies requested by the classroom teacher)

    While in class

    • Students will select their preferred art supply and mark it on our Station Selector with their Station Tracker Card
      • If they are not able to use their preferred media (due to quantity available and not being able to share), their card will be marked and they will get first choice the next visit to art class
    • Students will begin class by watching a pre-recorded lesson made by Mrs. Cavalier
    • Students will gather their supplies from the 'Green means Go' counter and return to assigned seat to begin work
      • Students may bring their own art supplies (these should be seperate art supplies from the supplies requested by the classroom teacher)
    • Students may bring resources from home for inspiration or may check out laminated class resouces
    • Student will work independantly on their own ideas incorporating the techniques or instruction from the lesson for about 25 minutes
    • When work time is complete, students will return used items to the 'Red Means Stop' counter and then return to their assigned seat
    • The last 10 minutes of class is reserved for sharing and lesson review

    Cleaning Procedures

    • Mrs. Cavalier will disenfect all surfaces and materials on the 'Red Means Stop' counter after class
    • Students will not be allowed to help with this process


    • Students wait in their seats until their classroom teacher arrives to pick them up
    • Students exit the room row by row in order

Rules & Consequences


    Rules for Safety:

    • No Sharing- Students may not pass supplies back and forth or share supplies. 
    • Quiet Voices- Due to Mask wearing it may be difficult to hear the teacher.  Students must keep their voices at a quiet level while working independantly
    • Masks- Dependaing on class size and if social distancing is possible. If social distancing is possible mask may be removed.  Mrs. Cavalier will direct students on this issue.  A student does not have to remove their maks if they do not want to during times of social distancing.
    • Social Distancing- Students should respect eachothers space and should remain at an approriate distance
    • Staying in Area-Due to used supplies and their location it is important that students do not go near the 'Red Means Stop' counter while supplies are waiting to be disenfected

    Rules for Class:

    • Enter Peacefully- Voices off, walking feet, straight to seat, wait for instruction
    • Be an Artist- Participate (We do not have a medium or station called 'do nothing')
    • Follow Instructions- The FIRST time
    • Silence When the Bell Rings- I have a doorbell and when it rings it means stop talking and listen
    • Conserve Materials - Do not waste materials or gather supplies that are not going to be used
    • Always Clean Up- Supplies must be returned to Mrs. Cavalier immediately during clean up time.


    1. Silent Reminder- I will point to the rule or make a gesture as a reminder
    2. Verbal Reminder- I will speak the reminder of the rule being broken to the class 
    3. Direct Instruction- I will speak the reminder to the student breaking the rule
    4. Time in Quiet Corner- If the rules continues to be broken I will direct the student to the quiet corner for reflection
      • Reflection Sheet- Student must reflect with the help of a worksheet.  If they apologize, they may return to class.
      • Note Home- I will send a note home to notify parent/gaurdian of the issue.
      • Grade Affected- Once the student has sat out 2 times, their grade will be affected due to the time the student was not able to work
    5. Call Administration- If the student refuses to reflect quietly then I will call administration to have the student removed from art class.



    **Remember, your student only comes to art 1 time a week.  It is important that they spend every minute of class working on being an artist and learning artistic behaviors.  The last thing I want for your student is for them to waste our precious time in the quiet corner.  I want them making art!**