Microsoft Teams- ART Team


     Finding your ART Team on Microsoft Teams

    Instructions To Sign in to Microsoft Teams

    1. Sign into your chromebook or other device
    2. Log into your MCPS desktop.
    3. Choose the orange and white Office 365 tile and open.
    4. Sign in with your Microsoft 365 username (email and password (portal password).
    5. Choose the purple Teams button. This link will allow you to open Teams.


    **Just remember, conversations and chats on Teams are not private. Be sure to talk with your student about proper “netiquette.”**

    Click HERE for a video tutorial of Teams


     Expectations for MCPS Online Art Class

     Follow the Specials Schedule and Calendar

      • Make sure you keep up with your assignments by following the schedule.
      • Mrs. Cavalier may schedule live meetings during your class time so be sure to be available.
      • Most lessons will be pre-recorded and posted weekly.
      • You are expected to watch the lesson, interact with the assignment, and work inependantly suring art time.
      • You will also be turning an art project every few weeks on Artsonia.  (Project Due Dates will be listed as an assignment)


    Turning in Assignments

      • Weekly assignments will be located with the lesson under the assignments tab at the top of your Team.
      • Weekly assignments are brief interactions that must be turned in on Teams platform
      • Assignments should be turned in weekly on your scheduled art day.


    Turning in Artwork (Projects)

      • Art projects are to be worked on independantly after watching the Lesson located in the assignment.
      • Art projects should incorporate techniques and instruction addressed in the Lesson.
      • Art Projects are to be turned in on Artsonia our Online Art Portfolio 

Artsonia - App for Turning in Artwork

  • Artsonia Link

    Artsonia QR Code

    Artsonia Instructions