• Welcome to the Belleview Middle School choir. I am looking forward to working with all of you as we return for another year. Things are looking different this year so I want to give you a preview of what to expect. You will be spaced 6 feet apart and you will need to wear a mask. Some of you may have heard about choirs getting sick on the news the past few months. Both socail distancing and masks are needed to prevent that from happening to us. Also as I mentioned on the homepage there are no concerts currently scheduled. I have a potential concert date listed in December that depends on how our situation is but we will not know if it is happening until we get closer. The class will continue to work on some normal choir music. But with smaller class sizes and no performances I am going to shift the focus away from the large group and focus on smaller groups and solos. This allows you to work at a speed that is good for you and have music that is at you level. I have attache the syllabus below. I look forward to seeing you when we start.