• Welcome to the Belleview Middle School Band. It is ok if you do not play an instrument the first few weeks are dedicated to finding the right instrument for you. In a typical year I would have every student try every instrument to see what works. This year is clearly going to have to be different. I have several videos that I will be showing that talk about and demonstrate each instrument plaus I will Also show the class them in person and discuss plus answer questions. I will then let each students try out their top two choices and pick the one that works best. We will have an after schol meeting on September 3 and 6:30 in the BMS cafeteria where we can meet and I can answer all parent questions. In addition I will have a representative from Hoggetowne Music here to speak with you and rent instruments if you are ready. I have attached a letter about that night and the class syllabus below. As far as aquiring an instrument please be careful there are many offf brand instruments that break down easily and cannot be repaired. I ask that any instruments you are not getting from the school or an actual music store you ask my advice on so I can offer my advice on the quality of instrument you are getting.

    Looking forward to this year.

    Instrument Night