• Classroom Standards and Procedures

    Ms. Rehrer—2nd Grade

    ** All students and parents are responsible for the rules outlined in the Marion County Code of Student Conduct.


    Classroom Expectations Supporting     “The Big 3”


    The BIG 3”

    1. Do what’s RIGHT at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT place.

    2. Do Your BEST to complete all work.    

    3. Treat others the way You want to be Treated keeping hands, feet & all objects to yourself.


    Discipline Procedures

    The classroom behavior system will support positive reinforcement to encourage students to monitor their own behavior. This system will promote self -awareness. Students may receive a “Cougar Coin” to indicate the student has, or is striving toward meeting behavior expectations. Additional coins may be earned at any time when actions or choices demonstrate “The Big 3.”  Cougar coins earned will be used to choose rewards or additional privileges. Rewards are varied items with varied cost allowing for student choices. This positive behavior system is in place campus wide.


    Students with continual behavior concerns may require:

    • One to one conference with teacher
    • Loss of privileges
    • Formal parent/teacher communication via note or call home
    • Referral to Dean


    ***Exception: Dependent on the severity of offense, any or all steps may be bypassed.

    Please check your student’s daily folder for any communicated concerns. Please feel free to write any comments or questions as the folders are checked on a daily basis.



    All children will be rewarded with verbal praise when appropriate. Other rewards may include stickers, positive notes home, or extra privileges.



    Students will have homework nightly, Monday through Thursday unless otherwise specified. The homework assignments will be placed inside the left front pocket of the daily folder. Homework is intended as an extension or practice of skills taught in class. It is also suggested that each student should read at least 15 minutes each night. It is preferred that homework remain in the folder and returned the following Friday.


    Grades & Assessments

       Grades will be taken from a variety of assignments and assessment pieces. Not all papers sent home will have a grade. These assignments have been completed in class with the assistance of the teacher. Weekly spelling, reading comprehension, reading fluency, and vocabulary assessments will be given, scored, and returned.

       Students will also be given periodic Learning Checks, in reading and math, which will count toward grade averages. Notifications will be sent home once students complete Learning Checks as these assessments are computer based. Once a month students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency with writing as the Reading/ Writing Assessment (RWA) provides the student with a topic to respond to within a 45 minute block of time. Notifications will be sent with scores for the RWA as well.

    Grading Scale

    E   100-90              Exceeding grade level expectations

    S   80-89               Successfully meeting grade level expectations

    N   70-79               Not meeting grade level expectations

    U   69 and below    Unsatisfactory progress toward meeting 

                                   grade level expectations



       I am extremely committed to parent communication. Please check your student’s daily folder for homework, scored papers, or important notices. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns @ 671-6325 or through email april.rehrer@marion.k12.fl.us.


    Ms. Rehrer


    Revised 8/6/20