• Important Spelling information:


    • Spelling is important due to 4th grade FSA writes, 20% of the overall writing score is calculated from grammar and spelling of common words.
    • Spelling homework will not be collected.
    • Have your child study their spelling words however they chose to, in order to be successful (email me if you need ideas for how to study).
    • Every Thursday a practice test will be given, scored, and sent home.  This will help with studying on Thursday evening.
    • Any student who scores 100% on the practice test will be exempt from the spelling test on Friday.

    List for the week of September 121st, Test on Friday, September 25th:

    Focus on long i

    1. climb
    2. minding
    3. pies
    4. die
    5. height
    6. sigh
    7. fright
    8. slight
    9. drive
    10. file
    11. kite
    12. prime
    13. pride
    14. slice
    15. twice
    16. wipe
    17. pry
    18. sly
    19. shy
    20. spy