• Homework must be purposeful and meaningful.  Reading homework is critical for 4th grade.  We will start with 20 minutes of nightly reading in the first 9 weeks, and gradually increase the time spent reading independently every 9 weeks.  It is important that your child build their reading endurance in order for them to be able to use their mental effort to comprehend complex textAdditionally, math fluency is the foundation for the application of math concepts.  For this reason, students will complete math fluency practice sheets nightly.  It is essential that your child knows their multiplication and division facts.

    Nightly Reading Homework:

    • Read for 20 minutes in a book of choice, select a book that is on your independent reading level.  This will change as the year progresses and you improve your reading fluency.  Use the five finger rule to determine if a book is appropriate.  Read one page from the book aloud if you make more than 5 errors while reading, the bool is too difficult.  

    • A reading log will be sent home, use the reading log to record the minutes read daily.

    • Parents-please sign the reading log weekly.

    Nightly Math Homework:

    • Reflex Math, please make sure your child has completed their daily reflex math lesson and has earned a green light.

    Spelling Homework:

    • Spelling word lists are updated weekly on my website.
    • Every Thursday there will be a practice test, this will be graded and returned so your child will know what words to focus on while studying on Thursday evening.
    • Your child needs to practice their spelling words nightly, how they study them is up to you (and them).  
    • I will not collect spelling homework, I will know if they studied based on how they do on their test.

    Additional Homework opportunities:

    • throughout the school year, there may be additional homework assignments or projects based on student needs.  If I assign extra homework, I will notify parents through class DOJO.