6th Grade Math Supply List

    • 1" binder or duotang folder
    • spiral bound notebook 
    • college ruled paper
    • pencils
    • glue sticks
    • colored pencils
    • crayons
    • scissors
    • ruler

Grading Policy

  • Grading Policy

    Homework 10%

    Quiz/Classwork 50%

    Test/Project 40%

    State Grading Scale

    90 - 100 = A

    80 - 89   = B

    70 - 79   = C

    60 - 69   = D

    0 - 59     = F



    Each student must possess and properly wear a cloth face covering (mouth and nose) during each class period. A clear, transparent face shield to protect the student’s eyes is also recommended.

    Howard Middle School 2020-2021

    Mathematics Grade 6 Syllabus


    Teacher: Mrs. Leverette

    Email: laura.leverette@marion.k12.fl.us

    Dear Students,

    Welcome to our class and your FIRST year of middle school! This year will be one like no other but I am confident that, together, we can achieve great success. You will learn to work individually and in cooperative groups, as permitted. Expect to be challenged and expect to make mistakes. You will learn by understanding and correcting these mistakes. Always do your best and you will be rewarded with a positive experience in this class!


    All of my 6th grade students will be using the e-textbook Savvas Realize which can be found on your student desktop. If you need help locating this, please follow these steps: Where Do I Find My eTextbooks? This year we will be utilizing the Microsoft Teams platform instead of Google Classroom. Each class will be in a team where we can communicate easily with each other. The lessons and meetings (for online students) can be found on Teams which is on the student Desktop under Office365.

    Microsoft Teams - Guide for Students


    Here you can find the "Year at a Glance" which includes the standards and topics we will be covering throughout the year. 


    Beginning of Class

    Come into class quietly and sit in your assigned seat. Look at the agenda board to see what we will cover in class that day and gather your notebook and any other supplies you may need to pick up. Sharpen your pencil if needed. Begin your Daily Math. 


    If you are tardy...Come into class quietly. You do not need to disturb anyone since class has already begun. I will hand you any papers you may need. Look at the agenda board to see what we are doing. Begin your Daily Math or join the class with the activity. 



    Your spiral notebooks will be where you complete you Daily Math work. You may leave them here in the assigned basket for your class period. Your binders or duotang folders will be used for your notes and worksheets given in class. These can be taken home or left here, however, they are your responsibility. You need to make sure you have them each and everyday as we will be adding to them and referencing previous entries.


    Make up work due to absence

    It is the student’s responsibility to complete make-up work after an absence. If you miss a quiz or test, you must talk to me when you return to determine when to make up the assessment. If you are absent the day of a test or quiz, you are expected to take the exam the day you return. Other work missed because of absences may be made up during a time mutually convenient to the teacher and student involved. Students are expected to take the initiative in planning such a time and should do so no later than the second day following their absences from class. In the case of verified illness, or an emergency, which extends over a period of time, arrangements should be made with the teacher involved to consider a revised date. Students shall have the number of days equal to the number of days absent to turn in completed make-up work, unless a greater extension is granted by the teacher.


    Academic Integrity

    Academic honesty is an essential part of any school community. Marion County Public Schools seeks to promote the importance of honesty as a basis of respect and cooperation among all of its members. Academic dishonesty/cheating, in any form on a graded assignment, will not be tolerated and will result in no credit for the assignment. Examples include, but are not limited to; turning in work as your own when someone else has done all or part of the assignment, knowingly giving or receiving information about answers to homework, quizzes, or tests, and plagiarism.


    Classroom Expectations 

    • Arrive to class on time.
    • Be prepared for class with the appropriate materials and completed homework.
    • Be respectful of others at all times.