Students will be using a softcovered book- HMH Florida Science Earth Science textbook in the classroom as well as their eTextbook located in the student portal which is available online 24/7.



    Supplies to bring to class

    COVID safety supplies: Mask, Shield, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer

    Completed assignments that were finished at home

    Pencil case that fits in the binder

    3 ring binder- this is used school wide

    Plastic dividers with pockets and tabs to write class names and categories

    Loose leaf paper



    Glue stick


    Colored pencils

    Post-It notes

    3 ring binder pencil case


    Policies & Procedures: Due to the COVID pandemic I will not be handling student papers.  Students will be using electronic turn in style.  We will be using MicrosoftTeams, e-textbook, Skyward and Marion County School email. Students will learn how to use electronic platforms to turn in their assignments.  Work that is turned in late will receive a 10 point deduction per day.

    General Class Rules:

    Be on time (in your seat before the bell rings)

    Be prepared (all class items should be with you EVERYDAY) 

    Be respectful (don’t talk while others are & keep your hands and feet to yourself)

    Be responsible (do your work and homework and be accountable for what you do) 



     Attendance/Class Participation:

    Regular and punctual class attendance is expected.  It is important to attend class and participate in class discussions and activities.


    Late/Make up Work: Students are responsible to obtain make-up work.  When the work is turned in, type on the top of the paper  “I was absent on these days _____________ “ so that when I grade it, points will not be deducted. Remember that you have one day extra to make up the work for each day that you were absent. Late work turned in not associated with an absence will not receive full credit and will not be accepted one week after due date.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any and all missing work due to an absence during any of my planning hours or after class not during class.  The student will have one day for each excused absence day up to five (5) days to turn in all make up work except in extenuating circumstances and arrangements have been  made with the teacher for more time.  Not all class activities can be made up, as they require direct participation by the student.


    Grading Scale as determined by the district:


    100-90 = A

    89- 80 = B

    79- 70 = C

    69- 60 = D

    59-0 =F


    Weighted Grades:

    Tests/Projects/Presentations 45%  

    Class/Daily Assignments/Quizzes 55%