Our Social Studies hour is first thing in the morning from 7:45-8:25.  We will start our day in the Social Studies Team.

    Busy Bees for Social Studies, we will be doing Social Studies Weekly online and offline.  You will find this on the student portal  under ebooks.  I have assigned you five must do lessons.

    You will also read the assign MyOn books listed below.  You are not required to read them all.  You must choose at least three of your choice  and take the quiz.  I will take SS grades from the three books that you choose from the titles below.

    If for any reason we are having technology issues or I'm absent, go to Social Studies weekly on the portal  and start your must do assigned lessons below.  If you have not done your "Welcome to Second Grade" newspaper print you may do that as well.  I have given you other optional newspaper print you may do when you choose to work offline. 

    We will be doing The Super Teacher worksheet, "First Day of School" this week as well. If you would like to start that, you may do that. 

    During the school year, I am hoping to provide you with additional handouts to work on as well.

    Please remember reading strategies I am teaching you.

    1. Preview- read your title, start using the five W's questions.  Talk to your brain!  Take a look at the pictures, charts, graphs and captions.  Read, question and study them!!!

    2. If there are questions, read those first before you read you text.  I call this waking up the brain! When it is time to answer questions,  SHOW ME THE PROOF!!!

    3. Put a number and underline your proof, which is your answer.

    I have given you a blue folder.  Keep any SS work  in this folder.  

    Social Studies Standards 


    SS.2.G.1.1 – Use different types of maps (political, physical, and thematic) to identify map elements.

    SS.2.G.1.2 – Using maps and globes, locate the student’s hometown, Florida, and North America, and locate the state capital and the national capital.

    SS.2.G.1.3 – Label on a map or globe the continents, oceans, Equator, Prime Meridian, North and South Pole.

    SS.2.G.1.4 – Use a map to locate the countries in North America (Canada, United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands)


    Online Social Studies Weekly:

    You must do all online assigned lessons to receive a grade!

    • Welcome to Second Grade
    • Week 2 – Where is Florida? (G.1.2)
    • Week 14 – Maps and Globes (G.1.3, G.1.4)
    • Week 15 – Using Maps (G.1.1)
    • Week 17 – Where on Earth? (G.1.3)

    MyOn Online Books:

    You must choose any three you like.  Read it, reread it and take the test.  You will receive a grade on the three books of your choosing.

    Types of Maps – Jennifer Besel • What is a Map? – Jennifer Besel • Symbols and Keys – Jennifer Besel • Map Scales – Jennifer Besel • Compass Roses and Directions – Jennifer Besel • Maps: What You Need to Know – Linda Brennan • Earth – Martha Rustad • Up North and Down South: Using Map Directions – Doreen Gonzales