• I am aware that as we enter this school year there is a lot of anxiety. Trust me I am feeling it too. We have been working hard here at the Fort to get ready for an awesome school year.

    The only required supplies for my class are:

    1. 100 - Page Composition Book.

    2. Pencils

    The above items are needed every class, including on day one.

    I have a classroom set of supplies including:

    1. Highlighters (one yellow one other color)

    2. Glue stick 

    3. Pens

    4. Colored Pencils

    5. Ruler

    These supplies will be used by one student at a time and will be sanitized after each use. If you are uncomfortable with your child using supplies used by other students, you will need to provide all of these items for them and ensure that they have them every class.