:)    Mrs. Wigginton's  

    Supply List for Pre-Kindergarten—Fort McCoy School :)


    1. A complete change of clothes with your child’s name on it. In the case of spills or minor accidents, we will not have to call you (Include extra underwear and socks).  Also, please make sure the clothing has your child’s name on it.
    2. Backpack- NO WHEELS. It should be able to be worn on the back (these backpacks do not fit well in our cubbies).  It should also be big enough to hold a folder and a book.
    3. 1 bag of small candy (skittles, plain m&m’s, gummy bears, smarties, starburst, jelly beans, etc.)
    4. Plastic nap mat: For rest time a PLASTIC folding mat will be needed. A blanket/towel, and/or stuffed animal are optional. These items are not required, but are definitely welcome! You will need to send in a small 12-14 quart container to hold the blanket and stuffed animal. Otherwise, the blanket/towel and the stuffed animal must be small enough to fit inside a 2½-gallon size Ziploc bag. No coverings for the plastic mats will be allowed.


              ***Optional:  Please if you can contribute small items for our treasure chest, we need small objects.  (Ex. Play jewelry, little cars, erasers, items from the dollar tree, anything that doesn’t cost a lot.)


    ***Other optional items, if you want to help, would include Green or Red or Clear Tri Beads, hand sanitizer, and extra bags of small candy.  Please remember this is only optional if you want to help.  Thank you!

    Thank you so much for your help and cooperation.  We look forward to working with you and your child in the upcoming year.