Dear Parents,

    The following is an overview of important information relevant to our Pre-K classroom.

    Face Coverings: Your child is required to wear a face-covering to school every day.  At this time, your child will also receive a face shield to wear in the classroom.  This shield will stay at the school.  Your child will wear his/her face covering to and from school.  If you do not want your child to wear the school provided face shield, please let me know. Please know that they will then remain in their face covering.  At this time, I plan to have your child switch from their home face covering to the shield once they arrive in the classroom.  If you want your child to wear both-shield and home face covering, please let me know.


    Each day every child begins on a green happy face. If he/she follows the rules, he/she will remain on a green happy face. If he/she chooses not to follow the rules or must be spoken to about his/her behavior, he/she will receive a warning.  After 2 warnings, he/she will change to a yellow sad face and 2 more warnings to a red sad face.  There will be no warnings for actions such as biting, hitting, kicking, or spitting.  These actions will result in an immediate change of color!  At the end of the day, his/her behavior will be noted on the behavior report in the backpack folder for you to see.  We will write what your child did to receive a sad face.  Please initial the behavior calendar daily!!


    Backpack Folder: (AT THIS TIME)

    The backpack folder is what we will use to communicate with you.   Please help your child take very good care of his/her folder.  You will find that you can use that to communicate with us, if necessary.  There will be a calendar/behavior sheet in it that we keep at the end of each month.  Please sign/initial each day after viewing your child’s behavior so that we know that you are aware of his/her behavior.  Please do not remove the calendar/behavior report from the folder.  The front pocket of the folder will have notes, announcements, and homework.  The front pocket is also a good place to put notes, absence notes, and any money that may be needed.  The back pocket of the folder will have your child’s completed work for you to keep.  Please make sure to remove the papers that are sent home. 



    If your child is absent from school for any symptom of illness contact the school before returning to follow Covid-19 guidelines. Due to Covid-19 guidelines students with any symptom of illness must be excluded from school until specific Department of Health criteria is met.



    Lunch and Breakfast Money:

    We have been receiving free breakfast and lunch for the last few years.  This school year we will still receive free breakfast and lunch for all students.  We will be eating “grab-and-go” for breakfast and lunch. Pre-K will not need extra money for anything at lunch as they will not be able to purchase anything extra at this time.  You may send a lunch with your child if you choose. If you send a home lunch, your child will only receive food from the school lunch if he or she is still hungry.  We will not replace the home lunch with a school lunch.


    Change of Clothes:

    We asked for a change of clothes on the supply list because sometimes accidents happen.  Accidents could include a bathroom or even a food accident.  We will keep the change of clothes in a zip lock bag in a container and use as needed.  If you want to change out the clothes when the seasons change, just send in the new set.  We can send home the other set or keep it in another bag.



    Tennis shoes are the best shoe for our daily activities.  Please just make sure all shoes have a back. With the reduced student contact this school year, please try to send your child with shoes that he/she can care for on their own such as Velcro shoes.  Please do not send your child in flip-flops.  These are a danger during outside play as well as walking in line and playing in the classroom. 



    We will have a rest time each day.  It is preferable that your child has a plastic folding nap mat so that they are not in direct contact with the carpet that their feet walk on all day.  We will sanitize this mat at the end of each day and store it in the classroom.  Your child is permitted (at this time) a small size blanket or towel that must fit in the 12-14 quart container that you provide.  If you are unable to provide a container, we will issue a 2½ gallon Ziploc bag.  If a blanket/towel does not fit in the bag, it will be sent home.  We will save blankets/towels for the week and send home for washings on Friday.  Please do not send in something for naptime that your child will need/want to carry back and forth every day. Children are not able to remove shoes for naptime!



    At this time, we are not sure when and if volunteering will be able to take place.  We would usually have in-class activities 4 times a year, but we do not have any planned until we are able to open the classroom to the public.  Therefore, volunteering will be a “keep-you-posted” item.

    In closing, it is a privilege to work with your child, and we look forward to a wonderful and exciting year.  If you have any concerns, questions, or comments, you may send a note, call the school at 671-6325, or email me at summer.wigginton@marion.k12.fl.us  Please keep in mind when calling, the number is a direct line into our classroom (please do not give the number to people who do not have a connection or reason to call about your child).  If we are not in the room, please leave a message, and I will contact you as soon as possible.   

                                                 :)   Mrs. Wigginton