• Since this year we are implementing a lot more safety guidelines than previously I wanted to touch base on how students will be accessing breakfast and lunch.


    Cafeteria staff will be bringing breakfast to our classroom between 7:40 and 7:45 every day.  This way we are maintaining social distancing in the mornings by having breakfast in the classroom.  They will be receiving their regular breakfast and a bottle of water, which I will put their name on every day.


    We will have different procedures for lunch this year.  Students will only be given one type of entree in the cafeteria.  We will not be having different options for them to choose from until further notice.  With this being the case, I encourage you to send a lunch with your student if you know they are going to struggle with the limited availability in the cafeteria.  Everyone will be going through the line, even if they brought a lunch as they will be receiving a water bottle at that time, since the use of the water fountains is prohibited.


    If you wish to send them with a snack, that is perfectly fine.  I am not able to provide a snack at this time again due to the safety regulations in place.