• Here is a general idea of what our schedule is like for the day so far but could change in the future.


    7:20-7:40-  Arrival and Make our way to class

    7:40-8:00-  Morning Show and Breakfast

    8:00-8:20-  Social Skills

    8:20-9:50-  English/Language Arts

    9:50-10:00-  Snack/Break (Must bring their own snack for this time)

    10:00-11:05-  Math

    11:05-11:35- Individualized Instruction on Goals

    11:35-11:58-  Recess

    11:58-12:28- Lunch

    12:28-1:15- Science/Social Studies

    1:15-2:05- Specials (PE- M, T, R    Music- W    Art-F)

    2:05- Dismissal (If we are going home a different way than normal please let me know in the morning)