• IB Business Management

    IB Business & Management provides a demanding, yet dynamic curriculum that provides students with a wide range of knowledge in business theory and activity.  The course offers a well-rounded background in international business, marketing, production, human resources, and finance. 

    Business and Management is a challenging subject that incorporates a wide range of topics and situations. This subject is extremely beneficial for any student; however, it is particularly useful for those considering a career in business and marketing or economics.

    Students who choose Business and Management as a subject improve their critical thinking, technical, analytical, and decision-making skills. They have a better understanding of the world around them, both locally and globally, with a new international perspective on businesses and their diversity. Core principles and practices of business will be studied as students learn the principles of ethics and social responsibility. 

    The IB Business and Management curriculum at the Standard Level consists of five main topics: (1) business organization and environment, (2) human resources, (3) accounts and finance, (4) marketing, and (5) operations management.



    We will meet in Room 3-134 - 5th Period


    Work will be completed in Schoology.  We will create/login to the Schoology account in the classroom.