• 2D Studio Art


    Classroom Syllabus



    2020-2021 Classroom Policies


         The purpose of this course is to teach students how to think and problem solve in 2D. They will become familiar with the properties, possibilities and limitations of some of the different mediums of 2D art: graphite, charcoal, paints, etc.


    Class Schedule

    Students meet for art 4 times a week:


    Monday-Wednesday: 50 minutes

    Thursday or Friday (schedule depending on specific period): Block days: 2 1/2 hours


    General Classroom Expectations

         I want all students to have their sketchbook at hand when attending the class. For each class, the Essential Question will be posted. Additional information such as bell ringers or any other information relevant will be posted as well. Immediately upon entering the class follow the directions or complete the assignment provided to you.

         The bell at the end of class is my signal to dismiss you. Please stay in your seat until I have dismissed the class. We will all use the last 3-5 minutes of class to put away materials and be ready to transition to your next class. Until this is done, I will not dismiss you. All assignments will be provided electronically by the end of the week.

         You must remain in my room for the entire class. You must have my permission to leave the room for any reason. Please do not assume that you can visit other teachers on this hall or anywhere on campus.

         Discussions of grading and behavior issues are best done in a scheduled conference. Formal conferences with parents must be scheduled through the guidance office. Parents and students are encouraged to email any questions and/or concerns. Parents are also encouraged to call if preferred to discuss any specifics concerning the class.


    Conduct - General Rules:

    • Respect others
    • Be polite and helpful
    • Keep voices down; show respect to other class sharing same room
    • Keep the Room Clean

    * 3-5 minutes before class ends, students stop working on their assignments and begin cleaning their area by putting away supplies


    Conduct - Observable Rules:

    • In class when the bell rings
    • Students to sit on their chairs, read objective of the day and instructions on board and begin preparations for lesson
    • No offensive language...ever!
    • Hands, feet and objects to yourself.


    Conduct - Consequences for Rules Violations:

    Consequence 1: Teacher/Student conference (warning)

    Consequence 2: Classroom Detention

    Consequence 3: Parental Contact

    Consequence 4: Behavioral Referral to Dean


    Attendance/ Tardy/Lesson Posting:

         Good attendance is essential to good performance. Students must be in class before the bell rings to be considered present. Late arrival to class will be recorded as an unexcused tardy. Coming to class late with a note from another teacher or administrator will be recorded as an excused tardy.

         When you are absent, you are responsible for the class work and tests that you miss. Students are encouraged to contact me if they miss class and have any questions. All assignments are due promptly (within a week or two depending on the assignment or any other special circumstance) after you return to school from an absence. You must provide these assignments to me so they are graded in a timely manner.


    Cell Phones:

         Cell phones must not be used for communication in class. It is understood that the camera and research capacities of the cell phone are a resource for students, and they can be used for those purposes when permission has been given. Use of cellphones for music listening will only be allowed at special circumstances by the teacher. Students will be instructed to put phone away if the privilege of using them is abused.


    Eating and Drinking:

    Eating of any kind is not allowed in the classroom during class, unless authorized by teacher.



    60% Projects / 40% Class Work


         All projects will be evaluated using the grading rubric provided. It will serve as a guideline of the expectations that will be used when reviewing each work turned in. Students will also have class assignments they will be responsible for that will count for their class work. Projects will be assigned to be worked on for multiple days. They will average 1 to 2 weeks for development. Due date will be clearly stated during class and on hard copies when needed. Reminders will be provided to students in person or online to keep up with due dates.


    Dress Code:

         All students must follow the dress code for Marion County Schools outlined in the Student Handbook and specified by the Students Services at West Port High. All students are advised to keep a personal smock or apron on hand to use as a cover up when working with art materials or borrow one from the box in the classroom.


    Class Participation:

         Participation in all class activities and lectures is expected and required. It is an integral part of the class work grade. Any identified instance of non-participation by the teacher will be subject to a deduction of five participation points out of a total of 100 points per grading period.


    Class Objectives:

         At the beginning of each class period there will be an Essential Question posted. Additional information such as Bell Ringer instructions or any other information relevant will be posted as well. Immediately upon entering the class follow the directions or complete the assignment provided to you. All information required for each lesson including deadline and expectations will be posted in the classroom or online.


    Request for Attention:

         When the teacher says “Listen up” and raises his hand in the air, all activity will stop immediately, and all eyes will be focused upon the teacher. Students must raise their hand and be called upon to participate. Only one person at a time is allowed to speak unless otherwise indicated by the teacher.



         You are encouraged to use the restroom and/or refill your water bottle between classes. If you must use the restroom or refill your water bottle, please wait until we have broken out from our discussion to ask for permission. Only one student at a time is permitted in the restroom. Each student is responsible for bringing their own bottle of water each day. They may drink from it as needed during the class.


    Finishing Work Early:

         If a student finishes their task ahead of time, the student may be given a short assignment for potential extra credit or be introduced to the next project.


    Partners or Group Work:

         At times teacher may ask students to pair up for class activities such as project reviews. Students are expected to follow the same classroom conduct rules stated earlier and be both courteous and respectful to one another.


    Unfinished Assignment:

         Team/Individual with an unfinished task will need to communicate with teacher outside of lecture time or schedule a meeting during Alpha time to report explanation for unfinished project. At this point, extra time may be provided at teacher’s discretion.


    Project Headings:

         All material created in class must include student’s name (first name and last name), courses name (2D Studio Art), title of task and date. Failure to do so may result in teacher missing an assignment and receiving a negative score.


    Supplies Procedure:

         Students are required to bring their own personal supplies to each class until further notice.

         Classroom supplies will be kept in the storage room until usage is allowed. At that point, all materials should be collected and returned to said trays or baskets by end of task or 5 minutes before class ends.



         Students will need to have a sketchbook at all times where they will keep all of the activities they work on during class. By the end of every week, they will be required to provide electronically pictures of their assignments to turn in for evaluation. These will count as classwork or projects depending on what was assigned. Missing excessive classwork or not following guidelines for the tasks given will result in a lower grade. Students are required to purchase an art sketchbook to keep a record of their work. Sketchbooks need to be brought to class each day.



         Students will be allowed to keep their backpacks next to them at all items. They are to be set neatly next to them and make sure they are not disruptive to classroom procedures.


    Additional Assistance:

         Any Additional assistance or accommodation can be provided and will be addressed on a specific basis. Please contact me (call or email) to discuss and determine any course of action that may need to be taken.


    Grading Rubric: