• 2D Studio Art


    List of Class Supplies:


    Hello Parents/Students:


    Below is a list of art supplies we will require for 2D Studio Art. All items listed are intended to be portable so they can be carried inside backpack. Each student must bring their own supplies with them every day in order to avoid sharing. Most (if not all) of these items can be easily found at Dollar Tree or any store of your choice. Some of these supplies they may already need for other classes. They do not to be duplicated for my class if already purchased for another.


    • Sketchbook (with blank pages and portable enough to fit on backpack. Also allowed is a standard 3-hole binder with blank paper sheets that can be refilled as needed).
    • Ruler (portable enough to keep inside backpack)
    • Pencil Sharpener (with a shavings compartment)
    • Pencils (enough to have a few spares; usually comes in a box of 12-16)
    • (Optional) Mechanical Pencil (can be reusable or disposable; good for detail work)
    • (Optional) Compass (good for easily drawing perfect circles)
    • Small Set of School-Grade Color Pencils or Color Markers (a set of 8 to 20 would suffice)
    • Black Sharpie (recommend a standard one and a fine if available; good for refining drawings)
    • Erasers


    The following items may be required at a later date (if sharing supplies in the classroom is still not possible):


    • Beginners/School-Grade Watercolors Set with Standard Brush.
    • School-Grade Tempera or Acrylic Paints (small set)


    *I will notify students in advance if we will require paints to be purchased.


    Thank you!

    Anibal Rodriguez

    2D Studio Art

    West Port High School