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    Paid Volunteer Jobs

    Name of Company: Feeding America

    Company Description: We improve lives and the planet, and unleash human potential, through innovation. We are dedicated to the principle that all men and women, dignified and resilient as they are, have the right to health, food, power, and economic mobility. We seek to advance those goals with better use of science and data and through collaboration with partners and grantees. By identifying and accelerating breakthrough solutions, ideas, and conversations, Feeding America works to improve the well-being of people everywhere.

    JOB TITLE: Health Coordinator (Part Time Job)

    Job Description:

    • *Responsible for moving items to a provided list of homes or facilities in response to COVID-19.
    • *Receiving items such as Face mask, hand sanitizer, clothing, Medications, Toys, etc. through the mail or Delivery man in support of the COVID-19.
    • *Contacting list of provided Non-Governmental Organizations foundations or businesses in your city to create community awareness efforts in response to COVID-19

    Qualification: Minimum of high school degree

    Salary: $350 weekly

    Age:18 and above.

    Interested candidates should contact  andersonfeedingamerica@gmail.com for more information.


    Florida Department of Corrections NOW Hiring.

    Interested in becoming a Correctional Officer! The three major prisons in Ocala are hosting a Hiring Event on February 9th from 10am to 3pm. Marion CI, Lowell CI and FWRC are looking to hire immediately!

    Contact Person: 

    Sergeant Jessica Chapman, Recruiter

    Lowell Correctional Institution/Florida Department of Corrections  

    Office:352-690-8676  Fax: 352-401-5331


    What to Wear to an Interview for High School Students
    Most high school job seekers aren't interviewing for professional positions. Instead, they're usually looking for part-time jobs in retail, restaurants, babysitting, or even applying for volunteer positions. Accordingly, a teen's interview attire doesn't have to be exceedingly formal. But, as is the case with any interview, it's important to look well dressed and put together. 

    First Impressions - Dress appropriately.

    Dress up for interviews even though you know employees don't have to dress up on the job. Wear clothes that are respectable and suit the job you are after. Make sure your shoes are clean; believe it or not, employers do notice your shoes. Keep your hair, nails and makeup neat, and avoid extreme looks or loud colors. Limit jewelry to a watch, ring or bracelet, and keep body piercings -- other than ears and one hole if have many holes in your ears-- and tattoos covered up during interviews. Don't wear hats, T-shirts, jeans or sneakers, and leave the chewing gum at home. Clothing should be in good condition, wrinkle-free and of course, work-place appropriate. Wear tailored dress pants and a tucked-in, button-down shirt, with a tie. (i.e. err on the side of conservative style). Skirts should be knee-length and not too tight. Keep your midriff covered and don't show cleavage.


    Check yourself out in the mirror before leaving home and once you arrive.


    Job Interview Tips for High School Students
    Are you a high school student getting ready to interview for a job? It can be challenging when you haven’t done it before, but putting your best foot forward during the interview is a critical step towards landing a great job during high school, and a valuable skill to develop for the future. Here are some tips to help you to take advantage of every interviewing opportunity.


    Turn your cell phone off or to vibrate. Resist the temptation to take a peek at any time before, during or after the meeting, when you are in view of the interviewer. Employers are very concerned about losing productivity among teen employees who are constantly checking their phones.


    Be polite. No one wants to work with someone who is rude or sloppy. Use good posture, stand tall and smile politely. Laugh politely when necessarily and be very attentive. Always speak clearly and do not interrupt the interviewer. If you can't hear something that the interviewer is saying refrain from saying 'What', instead, ask them politely to repeat themselves.


    Use body language to your advantage. It is rare for an employer to employ someone who is shy and timid over a confident friendly person, so be sure to present yourself well through body language. Position your body toward the interviewer in an open manner. Do not cross your arms or legs. However, crossing your legs at the ankle is acceptable and polite. Keep your chin up and wear a polite confident expression at all times. At first meeting, be sure to shake your employers hand with a firm yet polite grip and offer them a genuine smile.


    Prepare for your interview: Before going to your interview make sure you are prepared, you need to be able to sell yourself, show that you are fit for the job. It can be hard to think of helpful answers under pressure, you don't want to give answers like "I don't know". Ask your teachers, guidance counselors, and family to recall any questions that they were asked at their interviews, and practice sensible answers. Here are some usual questions to help you prepare for them.

    • Why do you want to work here? (Why does the work or opportunity appeal to you?)
    • What are your plans for the future? (Don't over brag. Don't be overqualified, or they may, often, assume "you're too good for the job.")
    • What do you like about this work, shop or company? (Give a sincere reason for your compliment or it will, probably, sound false or shallow.

    Bring a notepad and pen to jot down questions that may occur to you, points you want to remember to make in your behalf, and the interviewer's name if you tend to be forgetful. Also bring extra copies of your resume. Five extra copies is a good number to have.

    At the end of the interview, be prepared to ask a few questions about the job. Focus on issues like the nature of the work, training, supervision, clientele, and when you might expect to hear from them. Don’t bring up pay. If the job seems like a good fit, look the interviewer in the eye and tell them that you would really like to work there.


    Be confident: If you aren’t confident, act like you are. Wear a confident smile, this is reassuring.

    • Don't look down. Resist the desire to “disappear”. Look between the interviewer's eyes, but act calm.
    • Smile with your eyes: squint and nod slightly; it will make you seem sincere. If the interviewer shakes your hand use a firm grip, but do not squeeze too hard.
    • Make eye contact, but in saying so, too much eye-contact can be a bad thing, don’t stare.
    • Answer each question thoroughly in a clear voice and when you leave be sure to thank the interviewer for consideration and the opportunity in a calm and friendly voice; smile.


    Get in the habit NOW of dressing for success.  High school offers a great opportunity to start thinking like a professional.  What you wear says a lot about you.


    City of Belleview Job Fair

    The City of Belleview will be hosting a job fair at the Belleview Public Library on Wednesday, Oct. 20, from 11am-2pm.  Employers will have tables set up for those who are looking to fill open positions. Job seekers are encouraged to dress professionally.


    City of Ocala Needs Volunteers

    Students are in need of community service hours can volunteer with the City of Ocala for the following events/activites.

    Tag Team Football (9/4, 9/11, 9/18, 9/25)  Looking for 4 or 5 volunteers to assist the differently abled during the Saturday morning football games. This is at Webb Field which is located at 1510 NW Fourth Street in Ocala and volunteers are needed from 8:45 -11:00.

    Hispanic Senior Wellness Fair (10/2) Looking for 5 or 6 volunteers to help out at Citizens’ Circle as patrons come to this free event. The address for this event is 151 SE Osceola Avenue and volunteers will help hand out information, greet patrons and assist as needed.

    Community Hero Therapeutic Field Day (10/9) This event is being held at the Croskey Recreation Complex located at 1510 NW Fourth Street where volunteers are needed from 8:45 – 11:30. Looking for 10 volunteer to set up stations for the athletes and to assist them going through each station.

    Halloween Family Fun Run (10/30) This event is being held at Citizens’ Circle located at151 SE Osceola Avenue and volunteers are being asked to arrive at 8:00.  We’ll need approximately 10 volunteers to assist with handing out water, checking the runners in, etc.

    Santa on the square (12/2, 12/7, 12/9, 12/14, 12/16) Santa on the Square is held in the downtown square gazebo and we’re looking for 5 volunteers for each night. Volunteers need to arrive at 5:30 and will be done around 8:30.

    Light Up Ocala - November 20.


    Contact Person

    Connie Carroll

    Resource Development Manager

    City of Ocala

    828 N.E. 8 Avenue, Ocala, FL 34470


    Email: ccarroll@ocalafl.org

    Marion County Transportation Department has openings for paid student internships

    The Marion County Transportation Department has openings for paid student internships at their Transportation Offices around the county.


    Pay is $8.65 an hour and the hours could be flexible depending on your school schedule.


    Contact Mr. Boschma for details in room 06-009 or by email bret.boschma@marion.k12.fl.us


    Francescos Ristorante IS NOW HIRING!!!!

    Location: 16770 South US Hwy 441, Summerfiled, FL 

    Contact Person: Kathy Funk, 352-693-2008, kathythorpe1972@gmail.com 

    Job Title: Bus Person 

    Shifts: 4:30 til 9:30

    Job description: Clear plates, glasses and utensils from tables in a fast paced restaurant. Must be able lift 50lbs. General cleaning of tables and chairs

    Help servers, get ice. Sweep and mop floor at end of shift.

    Rate of pay: Tipped minimum wage plus tips. ($10 to $15 an hour average)


    Employment Spotlight

    This semester you will find information on a career field that is featured on the "Employment Spotlight".  These fields offer high-paying careers and opportunities for you to excel in fields that will bring you a life-time of enjoyment. Just click the link below and receive information about career pathways, salary/income, and more.


    If you have any questions or need more information, come to the Guindance Office.


    Business & Communication Powerpoint

    Communication & Information Powerpoint

    Environmental and Agriculture Powerpoint

    Health Sciences Powerpoint

    Human Resources Powerpoint

    Industrial Manufacturing and Engineering Powerpoint