• Entering, Bell Ringer and classroom Movement Procedures

    1. You enter the room quietly, politely and take out your binder and interactive notebook, place your backpack on the floor next to your desk.


    1. Complete the bell ringer that will always be on the smartboard or whiteboard inside your notebook.





    Materials Procedure

    1. Come to class with all of your materials, binder, pencil box, pencils, and interactive spiral notebook.
    2. You are responsible for your materials. You may not share them with anyone else.


    1. If you lose them, you and your parents are responsible for replacing them.



    1. If you come to class without your interactive spiral note book, you are responsible for getting a lined piece of paper from the front table to complete your bell work or notes for the class.


    Pencil Procedure

    1. Come to class with at least 2 sharpened pencils.


    1. If you need one, take a pencil out of the bucket and write your name on the sign out sheet.


    1. Before the bell rings place the pencil back in the bucket and sign it back in.

    Restroom/Water Procedures


    1. You have 4 min in between classes, use the restroom and fill up your water bottle at that time
    2. You have 3 restroom/water passes per every nine weeks to use in my class.


    1. Once you enter the room you may not use the restroom for the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of class


    1. Make sure to write your name and date on the Restroom/Water sign in sheet and record the time you went and came back.

    Handing out and Collecting Classwork Procedures


    1. Classwork will be handed out by the learner sitting in desk 1.


    1. Classwork to be graded will be collected and placed into the appropriate period bucket 1-6 by the learner sitting in desk 1

    Make Up Work Procedures

    1. If you missed the work from the previous day there will be a folder on the back table with what you missed.
    2. Take the assignment from the folder, complete it at home and turn it in the next day into the completed make up work bucket.
    3. It is your responsibility to get the makeup work and complete it.


    Getting The Door Procedure


    1. The student sitting in the last row will be responsible for getting the door when someone knocks.


    1. You ask who it is and if you do not know, then Mr. Fisk or another adult in the room will get the door.


    1. There is no running in the classroom to get the door.


    Fort King Middle School Wings of Excellence


    1. Be Responsible


    2. Be Respectful


    3. Be Ready


    Consequences For Breaking any of the Wings of Excellence


    1. Verbal Warning


    2. Move to Chill Zone in the back of the room


    3. Move to another room for time out/ Parent Contact


    4. Referral