• I was born in New York and I absolutely love going back to NYC during the warm seasons! I graduated from the University of Florida, Go Gators! My degree is in history and education. I am a big history nerd, I enjoy learning history and visiting historical places. Reading is a big part of learning history so my bookshelf at home is probably 80% history related books! Non-fiction is where the good stuff is at! But fiction can be awesome as well, everyone has different prefernces. I am a big fan of art so I will definitely give you opportunities to be creative in my class.


    Some of my hobbies are:

    1. Reading
    2. Running
    3. Playing soccer
    4. Watching all kinds of sports (football, Formula 1, golf, soccer, basketball),
    5. Riding my bike in the trails
    6. Visiting art and history museums
    7. And traveling.


    I hope you enjoyed the pictures of some of the things that I love doing and the places that I have traveled to!