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    Mrs. Seiler  

    Seventh Grade Civics 



    Class Objectives 


    This year we will be studying the history and content of the Declaration of Independence, the history, meaning, significance, and effect of the provisions of the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights, and the elements of civil government. By examining these documents and their impact we will foster a better understanding of our country, our system of government, citizenship and civic engagementand our way of life. 


    As part of our study we will be involved in many different activities such as the creation and reading of charts, graphs, individual and group research, hands on projects, and class reports.  


    Resources and Supplies 


    This year we will be using material from Florida Joint Center for Citizenship (FJCC), Civics360, icivics.org, and our school-based texts We the People Level 2 and the Gateway to American Government supplement. 


    Supplies regularly used in this class are pencils/penshighlighters, college ruled notebook paper, colored pencils, glue sticks, and a handheld pencil sharpener.  I will provide one spiral notebook (as your interactive notebook, or INB) and one pocket folder with brads (as your reference folder) - this notebook and folder stay in the classroom except for study purposes prior to the semester and end-of-course exams. 


    Attendance and Assignments 


    Since a majority of the course material will be presented and discussed in class, it is very important that you make every effort to attend class each day. If you are absent you will be responsible to obtain and complete missed work located in an absentee folder for your class period at the front of the classroom. You will have a day for each day that you missed to turn in the assignments. Any tests or quizzes that you miss will be taken when you return to school. 


    Each assignment is expected to be turned in on time. In order to be fair to everyone, late work will incur a deduction of 5 percentage points per day late.  In the case of absences, deductions will not apply as long as missed assignments are turned in the next day. 


    In order for you to be successful it is very important that you participate in class. This means that you must take notes when needed, join class and group discussions, and complete all individual assignments. 



    Contacting the Teacher 


    Email is the most effective form of communication as I periodically check this throughout the day and do also from home in the evenings at:  marie.seiler@marion.k12.fl.us. 


    You may also leave a message on my voice mail (checked in the morning, at lunch –12:45-1:10, and after dismissal everyday) at: (352)671-6325 extension 52160. 



    Discipline and Class Procedures 


    I expect all students to enter the class quietly and take their assigned seats, prepared for class. Fort McCoy School policies and procedures are expected to be followed at all times. In addition, here are our specific class rules: 


    • Be respectful to everyone (including yourself) at all times. 
    • Ask permission before leaving your seat. 
    • Come prepared for class. 


    Also, please be mindful of the NO GUM CHEWING policy in this building. 


    To ensure the safety of everyone I will dismiss you at the end of class so everyone will be expected to remain in their seats until then. Other classroom procedures will be reviewed in class. 




    The grading scale used will be: 


    A   = 90-100 pts. 

    B   = 80-89   pts. 

    C   = 70-79   pts. 

    D   = 60-69   pts. 

    F   = 59 and below 



    Grades will be based on several different categories as follows: 


    • Homework                          10% 
    • Class work, Quizzes, all other assignments         50% 
    • Test, Projects, and Presentations              40%