• Classroom Norms

    Enter class quietly and take your seat. Bell work is either a handout, written on the front board or displayed on the Smart board. Homework is written on the board in the back of the room or you can find it on my website. 

    When your work is finished, sit quietly and wait for instructions. 3 easy to remember rules:

    1. Respect. Respect for all staff and students.
    2. Raise your hand.
    3. Walk


    Homework, ready at the beginning of class.

    Assignments are written on the board and are on my website on the Assibnment page.

    With the exception of unexpected absence, late work may be turned in the next day for 65% credit.


    *Homework should take no more than 15-20 min.


    Circle or screen print any homework questions you did not understand, we will discuss them in class.


    Other than their composition note book, lined and grid paper please have 2 or 3 sharpened pencils and a pen.



     Grades are based on the Marion County grading scale and will be divided into the following categories and percentiles:

     Homework 10%

    Class Work (includes notebook) and Quizzes 40%

    Tests/Projects 50%

    Below are a few web sites that will be helpful for your child.








    I may be reached by email, phone, or planner. I know that as we work together, this will be a great school year! Remember, our goal is to help your child succeed.



    Deborah Coscia