Thank you for visiting my teacher's homepage. 

    No matter which way we learn whether at home or face to face we will do the BEST we can to learn from one another. "A community that learns together excels together." 

    Communication is the key! Throughout my teacher webpage, useful information will be uploaded to keep you informed of what is happening. I will update via Class Dojo as well.

    The best way to stay informed about what is going on in and out of our classroom is:

    • #1 Checking and signing daily your child's folder. Important documents, practice activities, graded class assessments, and newsletters, etc. will be there.
    • #2 Checking your Classroom Dojo account daily. This way no information is missed.
    • #3 Checking your voicemail. I might have left a positive/ negative phone call or am returning your call.

    We must do our best to keep lines of communication open. 

    Again, please contact me if you need any assistance at any given time. 

    Please use the links below for assistance


    • Microsoft Teams for Students- use this document to help you log in to Microsoft Teams and navigate some of the basic features/functions that we will use.