• Virtual Classroom Rules:

    • Check your tech before class

    • Find a quiet place to sit when attending class - away from noise and distractions

    • Come to class prepared with anythig you are asked to bring 

    • Show up to class a few minutes before the start time 

    • Keep your microphone on MUTE as you enter class and during class, unless you are asked to speak

    • Click the "raise hand" button if you wish to say something or have a question

    • Turn on your video while in class

    • Use chat responsibly - ask a question or share something about the discussion

    • Always show respect to your teacher and classmates 

    • Sit still, stay focused, and listen carefully to the speaker - Follow all directions 

    *Just because we aren't AT school doesn't mean we aren't IN school. Our virtual classroom is just like our regular classroom. Anything t hat wouldn't be allowed in our regular classroom is not allowed in our virtual classroom. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

  • This is the number for the Parent/Guardian Technology Help Desk for MCPS Online students ... 352-867-2100.  

Welcome to Mrs. Franqui's Class