• MCPS Handbook for Distance Learning
    A. Attendance - 
    Be on time to online class (ZOOM or Teams)

         - Attendance is taken 1st; don't get marked tardy;
         - If neccesary, and possible, log on before class starts and wait
    B. Bell work - 
    Completed within the first minutes of class

    C. Communicating 
        1) Do not dominate any discussion. Give other students the opportunity
            to join in the discussion.
        2) Do not use offensive language. Present ideas appropriately.
        3) Be cautious in using Internet language. For example, do not capitalize
            all letters since this suggests shouting.
        4) Popular emoticons such as ☺ or / can be helpful to convey your tone but
            do not overdo or overuse them.
        5) Avoid using vernacular and/or slang language. This could possibly lead to
        6) Keep an “open-mind” and be willing to express even your minority
            opinion. Minority opinions have to be respected. 
        7) Think and edit before you push the “Send” button.Do not hesitate to ask
            for feedback.
        8) Answer when called upon. Remain in the class meeting for the
              entire period of class.

    D. Daily Agenda/Order 
      1) Bellwork and attendance (roll-call)

              - Students will be appropriately dressed, visible, well-lit and
                 have no inapprpriate backgrounds
         2) Lesson introduction & key question
         3) Discussion
         4) Online lesson activity
         5) Debrief - questions, clarifications
         6) Independent practice/homework

    E. Good digital citizenship