• What are Cornell notes?

      Cornell notes are a style of note-taking that divides a paper into 3 sections:

      1. notes

      2. questions

      3. summary

      (In addition, there will be a heading at the top of the page that includes the date, topic, and essential question.)


      Cornell Notes <--- Click to download a blank Cornell notes template.


       There are many ways to take notes, but the Cornell method is a proven method and will be used frequently in this class.


    • Costa's Levels of Thinking and Questioning

       Costa house

      • Level 1: Input
        • identify information
        • remember information
        • "classify, explain, locate, define, list, etc..."


      • Level 2: Processing
        • understand information
        • make connections
        • "classify, compare, contrast, organize, sketch, solve, etc..."