• Traditional Students Working From Home 

    You are responsible for your learning while you are working from home  You will be able to access your make up work from your Teams account, each teacher will have it updated with information  If you have questions you will need to email your teachers


    *Directions below for how to access Teams and email your teacher Directions to Access Teams


    Step 1: Log into your desktop.


    Step 2: Click on Office 365 tile labeled Email & OneDrive.

     Office 365

    Step 3: Enter your email address and click next (if prompted).


    Step 4: Enter your password and click next (if prompted).


    Step 5: Click the Teams icon on the upper right side of the screen.

     Teams screenshoot



    Step 8: (Only for the initial setup.) Enter the school's email address and click sign in.



    Step 9: Select your class!


    Step 10:Work is posted on Class Notebook under Class Notes, some may be on the Assignments tab. Make sure you communicate with me via email if you can’t find the information.

    Homework screeshot