• Sixth Grade World History  

    Mr. Roberts  

    Course Syllabus   

    Welcome to Middle School!  

    I am very excited to be your social studies teacher this year. This will be my sixth-year teaching middle school. I am an Ocala native and prior to becoming an educator I was a surveyor technician for eight years. I am a husband, father of two, and an avid outdoorsman. I am confident we will find success with our time together. I will do my best to support learning achievement in the classroom through positive relationships and encouragement. Enjoy your year and welcome to middle school! 

    Course Description:  Six grade students will learn about the early civilizations of the ancient world. We will explore in depth the civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece, Rome, and Mesoamerica!  

    Resources:  World History: Ancient Civilizations   

    Class Schedule:   9:30 – 3:5Each period 50 minutes (Monday-Friday)  

    Room Number: Building 4 - Room 112  

    Teachers: Name: Trevor Roberts                     Email: trevor.roberts@marion.k12.fl.us  

     LWMS Phone Number: 352-671-6120  ext.56070 

    Grading Policy:  Grading Scale   A = 100-90   B = 89-80   C = 79-70  D = 69-60  F = 59 and Below  

    Online Learning: This will be through “Microsoft Teams”. All students will be taught to use this program when working online or at home.  

    Homework/classwork Policy: There will not be homework very often. Students will record homework assignments in their planners. Students will keep all completed homework assignments in their World History notebook. The notebook stays in the classroom. This is where the teacher will check student work. The notebook is where they will store their homework/classwork until it is finished. Please check their planner and the history section of their big binder nightly for unfinished work. This work must be completed and turned in for a grade. 

    Makeup Work Policy: Students are able to make up work missed due to absences or suspensions from school on their return. It is the responsibility of the student with the teacher's help to get the make-up work missed. Work will not be given in advance, except in emergencies or sickness. Make-up work should be brought back to the teacher per school policy or teacher discretion. 

    Grade Breakdown: 50% = Classwork / Quizzes  50% = Test / Projects 


    Discipline Policy: 

    • Verbal correction. 
    • Teacher / Student Conference and / or Eagle Break in another classroom. 
    • Phone call home. 
    • Referral. 

    The first three steps can happen in one day. Students need to respect the rights of other students and not take their teaching time away with behavioral issues.  

    School Expectations 

    Do What’s Right, Do Your Best, and Treat Others the Way You Wish to be Treated. 

    Behavior/Classroom expectations 

    1. Respect everyone

    2.Always be safe  

    3.Be honest 

    4.Follow directions 

    5.Help each other  

    Students Must follow all class rules as well as the Lake Weir Middle School “Big Three Expectations”. Students are expected to be kind to everyone and to notify their teacher or administration with any issues or concerns. 

    Students are expected to enter quietly, write down homework in planner, start the Bell Ringer, head papers if needed, and be ready for class to start.  

    Students must follow all directions by adults instructing the class. 

    Teacher Contact  

    Please contact me with any questions or concerns at any time!  

    Teacher reserves the right to adjust the Course Syllabus at any time to improve the quality of the student’s learning experience.  


    Lake Weir Middle School exists to prepare middle school 

    students, within three years, for participation in rigorous 

    academic and vocational programs at any secondary school. 

    School Expectations 

    Do What’s Right, Do Your Best, and Treat Others the Way You Wish to be Treated.