Welcome to the VHS Health Science Program!

    In this course, Medical Skills & Services, we will cover many different aspects of the medical field:

    Infection Control & Safety

    Health Career Exploration 

    Legal & Ethical Responsibilities of Healthcare Workers

    Basic First Aid & CPR

    Vital Signs

    Healthcare Systems 

    The History of Healthcare

    Effective Communication

    Soft Skills: Communication, Professionalism, Teamwork, Respect, and Problem-Solving

    Medical Mathematics

    And MUCH more!

    With successful completion of this course, you are able to move up in the program.

    Program Structure:

    Year 1: Medical Skills & Services (This course!)

    Year 2: Health Science 1 "Anatomy & Physiology"

    Year 3: Health Science 2 "Foundations" (CMAA certification)

    Year 4: Allied Health Assisting 3 (shadowing program and EKG certification)

    This is a face-to-face course, however, we will utilize a few online platforms for quizzes, homework, and tests such as TEAMS, and AESeducation.com (also known as Health Center 21). 

    Parents, feel free to contact me at jamie.woosnam@marion.k12.fl.us 

    For Assignments:

    STEP 1:  Login to your student portal.

    STEP 2: Go to Office 365 and choose the TEAMS app.teams

    STEP 3: Choose MED Skills- pd 5- Woosnam-VHS (for 5th period)

                      OR MED Skills- pd 6- Woosnam-VHS (for 6th period)

    STEP 4: Explore your TEAMS notebook (we will be turning in assignments virtually through this platform mostly)



    Helpful Links:

    MCPS Chromebook Login

    Skyward Family Access Setup Guide

    MCPS Desktop Login