Welcome to Allied Health Assisting 3!! In this course we will prepare to pass the C.E.T. exam.

    EKG What is a C.E.T.???  Certified EKG Technician.


    What Is Electrocardiography?

    holding heart EKG/ECG rhythms provide important data for the diagnosis of heart conditions.BP

    This course will cover all necessary criteria to help you pass the C.E.T. exam through the National Healthcareer Association. For more information, visit www.nhanow.com


    As a Certified EKG Technician (CET), you’ll have the credentials nearly all healthcare employers require to perform the critical tasks of administering EKGs, as well as holter monitoring and stress testing.


    As an EKG Technician you may perform some or all of the following tasks:

    • Set up and administer EKGs (electrocardiograms) and stress tests
    • Prepare patients for Holter or ambulatory monitoring
    • Edit and deliver final test results to physicians for analysis
    • Schedule appointments
    • Transcribe physicians’ interpretations

     Semester 1: August-December

    • Didactic training will consist of understanding the medical terminology associated with the Cardiovascular system and electrocardiography, anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system, and the science of an electrocardiogram.
    • Interpretation of ekg wave forms and abnormalities in ekg waveforms will be taught and practiced as well. 

    Semester 2: January-May

    • Resume and complete didactic portion of training and review concepts learned in the first semester.
    • Hands on Clinical training will begin once competence of all above concepts have been met.
    • Clinical shadowing will begin at our local medical facilities.
      • You will attend your shadowing location from 8:00am-10:00am on Thursdays (dates TBD), and return to school in time for your 3rd period course.
      • Navy blue scrubs are required along w/a HOSA patch to be sewn or ironed onto your left shoulder sleeve.
      • School issued ID MUST be worn at all times when shadowing. 
      • If you fail to attend your scheduled shadowing it will reflect on your end of course performance task and overall grade in the course.
    • Certification Testing: we will tentatively test in April 2022 for the EKG certification. 
    • Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be eligable to obtain a job in the medical field as an EKG technician.