• There are several things that I wanted to share on how my classroom operates that will be the most beneficial for our ESE students.

    1. Structured Teach Model- The classroom rotates through five different centers during our ELA and Math blocks.  This keeps our students engaged and gives them an opportunity for a movement break to get out the wiggles!
    2. Core Communication- This year we are going to try implementing a communication model that focuses on getting the students to add more to their vocabulary knowledge using visuals.
    3. Paraprofessionals-  I currently have two paraprofessionals who are here to assist us with all of our daily activities.
    4. Encore Curriculum-  This is the district adopted curriculum for elementary level students on a modified curriculum.  Students have two books a unit and each book incorporates lessons for our four core subject areas.  It allows students to learn on their level by providing scaffolded books depending upon their current knowledge.
    5. Class DoJo- You will receive a code when school starts that will allow you to enter my classroom.  This will allow us to easily communicate and logs any positive behavioral points that a student receives.  It is very important to sign up so that we can stay in contact throughout the year.
    6. Microsoft Teams/Google Classroom/Zoom-  While I am currently not using these programs for students in a traditional classroom, these are some possible programs we could incorporate.
    7. Marion County Student Portal-  Students can log in to their portal and have access to multiple resources.  This includes all Google and Microsoft programs as well as MyOn, which we will use to read books.

     If you have any questions please feel free to email me.