• Introducing the 5th Grade Team!


    Welcome Students and Parents/ Guardians!

    It is that time again! As we enter this school year, we have high hopes for our 5th graders. We will be fundraising to ensure that your children will have the greatest year possible with celebration for all their hard work when we get to the finish line. However, before we can get to all the fun items we need to review a few house keeping rules to make sure that our year goes smoothly.


    Whether @ MCPS Online or in the classroom we will be following R.O.A.R. expectations:

    R = Respect myself and others

    O = Own my choices

    A = Act safely

    R = Ready to learn.


    MCPS Online and on campus students will be expected to dress according to Marion County School District’s dress code. We also ask that there is communication with the teacher as much as possible.  Whether your child is a campus student or online student they will have classes in Microsoft Teams. We do ask that parents/ guardians familiarize themselves and their student with Teams even if you are a traditional brick and mortar family in case there are unprecedented changes in our year.

     Students Expectations for MicroSoft Teams

     Expectations for Virtual Learning



    Ms Bordell & Ms Rickey

    Mrs. Gwin & Ms Harness