English III Agenda and Work

Weekly Agenda

  • Week 1: 8/24-9/4

    Week 2: 8/31-9/4

    Agenda Sept 14-17
    • 9/14-9/15 Bell Work : Origin Myth Bell Work Quiz-Answer the questions using your Frayer Model Template notes on Origin Myth in complete sentences. 
    • 9/16-9/17 Bell Work: Write what the prompt means to you and why.
      • "No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the horizon of the spirit"
    • 9/18 Bell Work:The following sentences contain either misplaced or dangling modifiers. Rewrite the sentences to correct the problems.

      1. I found a hawk's nest near the river in a tree.

      2. A man and his dog ran around the building with a red leather collar.

      3. I heard that our school needs additional instructors on the television news.

    • Students worked in class this entire week editing their rough draft on chromebooks and finalizing their Final Draft to turn in Friday. 
    Agenda Sept 18
    Grammar Friday Lesson 2
    • Last grammar lesson, we learned how to identify and fix misplaced and dangling modifiers. The rules for this are here: Rules of Modifiers
    • Today, we reviewed this lesson to apply that knoweldge to finding and fixing misplaced and dangling modifiers in long passages.
    • We did 1-10 in class together via the interactive exercise through chompchomp.com. The link to this is here: Interactive Exercise Handout 2
    Students will complete the handout we worked on together in class. Your homework is to complete 11-20. You MUST write whether the sentence is Correct, Misplaced, or Dangling. Then, you MUST attempt to correct the sentence where applicable. Once completed, you may check your answers. If you need to make corrections, you MUST identify the corrected sentence with a different font, different font color, or any means of differentiating between YOUR answers and the WEBSITE answers. This will give you the points back for getting in wrong. If you copy from the website without providing your answers, you will recieve a D. 

Week 3 Files/4