• Here are the school supplies that students attending Romeo Elementary, traditionally (Not MCPS Online) need: 


    School Supplies: Each student will be responsible for their own supplies this year, as per CDC guidelines we will not share community supplies. In order to be successful this year in 5th grade we are asking for the following supplies:
    1- 3 ring binder (1.5 inch)
    1 set of binder dividers  with tabs
    1 pack of wooden, #2 pencils (no mechanicals!)
    1 set of earbuds or headphones (these will be stored in class- we will be learning virtually in the classroom, we need these!)
    1 - reusable water bottle (no drinking from water fountains)
    1 - face mask
    2- composition books
    1- Pencil Box or Pencil Pouch to keep supplies organized