• English I-IV Syllabus

    Andrea Browning

    Forest High School


    CATS- Character + Attitude +Teamwork = Success




    Daily attendance is highly encouraged. Most assignments are completed in the group setting during the class period. If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to ask for the missing assignment and complete it during CAT class or after the daily assignments are completed.


    CATS Online

    Any student attending school virtually through the MCPS Online Platform (Microsoft Teams) is expected to be present on the computer every weekday, starting at 8:30 a.m.. and follow his or her class and school schedule for the entire school day. Students that do not log into their classes will be counted as absent, just as if the student did not attend class physically.



    The policy for averaging nine-weeks grades in English is as follows:

    Classwork 50%

    Tests/Projects 40%

    Quizzes/Bell work 10%


    Grade Scale:

    A = 100%- 90%

    B = 80%- 89%

    C = 70%- 79%

    D = 60%- 69%

    F= 59%- 0%



    Class Rules:

    Be on Time

    Be prepared

    Be polite


    Respect, to get it, you have got to give it



    Course Content:

    Quarter 1

    • Reading-Short Story Focus

    • Writing- Informative Focus

    • Assessments- Quizzes, short Essays, and QSMA

    Quarter 2

    • Reading- Non-Fiction Focus

    • Writing- Argumentative focus

    • Assessments- Quizzes, Presentations, QSMA

    Quarter 3

    • Reading- Poetry Focus

    • Writing- Analysis Focus

    • Assessments- Quizzes, Projects, QSMA


    Quarter 4

    • Reading- Tragedy Focus

    • Writing- Narrative Focus

    • Assessments- FSA Writing, FSA Reading, End of Course Assessments





    Each student should have these basic supplies for class; Paper, pencil/pen, Binder for daily assignments. Extra supplies are available should a student forget to bring the necessary items.


    Teacher Contact/Email:


    Classroom: 352-671-4700 ext. 58671

    Google Voice: 352-405-2536 text messages preferred


    Teacher Website: https://www.marionschools.net/Domain/12136


    The class website and student grade book are the best ways to keep up with due dates and assignments, especially in the event of an absence.



    Microsoft Teams: Students will be working largely with Microsoft Teams throughout the year. It is accessible from any computer, school or personal, as well as through the app for smart-phones. CATS Online students will use this platform daily to access live classes and assignments.





    All parents are encouraged to create a Family Access account in Skyward to Monitor their students grades, attendance, and other activities.