• In addition to the rules set in the Secondary Code of Student Conduct, the following rules are specific to Forest High School:


    In order to maintain social distancing, students will be assigned a letter coded area to park in. These letter designations will be assigned at random. No special requests will be made.


    Students are only to park in their assigned area. Failure to park in your assigned section may result in temporary/permanent loss of parking privileges and/or other discipline consequences. 


    There are no assigned spots. Parking spots are first come, first served.

    • The only exception is for designated spots that are only for seniors. These special permits will be available on August 28th for purchase. Please contact Mrs. Vickie Miller for further details if you have any questions.


    Parking in any spot in front of the school or in the teacher's lot is expressly forbidden and may result in temporary/permanent loss of parking privileges for the school year 2022/2023.

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